TIC 2014


Holy Ferrari batman

Last week I went to an event in Trinidad and Tobago called the trade and Investment Convention. I registered as a buyer in the system and was sent an email about with my login. I received a link to the registered exhibitors in the system and was most impressed. They give exhibitor info along with the ability to send them messages if you want to have a meeting with them.


What I got out of TIC:

Trinidad has big business.

Most of businesses were predominantly distributors, looking for retailers in trinidad and abroud

There was heavy investment from latin america. Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela etc.

There was not a lot foreign investors

General public was not treated well. $40 to enter 10-4pm, imagine reaching after 3pm lol.


Also buyers reported event that the event had less people than last year when it was in Hilton.

Chambers were out in full force


A chamber is an excellent investment for the up and coming consultant to meet buyers


You dont have to have a booth to get value from TIC


There was no heavy hitters in IT in T&T. Illuminat, DigiData and Fujitsu.


insert picture of a ferrari

It is an excellent event to meet businesses in Trinidad and tobago and can add value to anyone, but is focused on manufacturers and distributors.


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First Ubuntu Hour for 2013

Looking at state of the the loCo teams worldwide [1], i came to the conclusion that ubuntu-tt hasnt been as active as it ought to and so i decided to create a event this week, i planned to meet with my friend on friday to talk shop but decided it open it up to the ubuntu-tt team and now i wait and see if anyone is interested in coming from the team. Hopefully by then i will have some ubuntu stickers and i can see anyone is interested in ubuntu. Still need to find a good venue in Chaguanas though.


[1] http://randall.executiv.es/noborders_part1

[2] http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-tt/2434-chaguanas-ubuntu-hour/

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Ubuntu Raring Ringtail release

On tho 25th of april 2013 in the release of the latest version of Ubuntu, Raring Ringtail (13.04)


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a worldwide community of users and developers that builds an open source and free operating system. They release a new version every 6 months. They also have a LTS (Long term support) edition that is better supported and more stable.

Ubuntu has many flavours

edubuntu – for education

xubuntu – based on xfce project

kubuntu – based on the kde project

Ubuntu is used on Servers, laptops and desktops and very soon mobile phones and tablets.


Ubuntu in Trinidad

An Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community) is a team of people that supports Ubuntu and host events such as meetups, Ubuntu hours (where people can meet and be introduced to ubuntu).

I helped create the ubuntu-tt team, we have website ubuntu-tt.org and a group in Facebook called Ubuntu Caribbean.

We also have a IRC Channel, geek realtime chat, this is where most ubuntu questions are asked and answered and also where the developers hang out.

There is also the LoCo portal and other ways to interact with the team like the forum,a mailing list and a team in launchpad, pretty much the website where all the development of ubuntu and other projects take place.


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